Dr. Jill Labush, DC

Dr. Jill Labush has been treating patients for over 25 years. She has developed a passion to providing chiropractic care to her patients through all stages of life. Dr. Jill provides lifestyle guidance and is dedicated to relieving, reducing and eliminating pain for her patients.

Dr. Jill’s Journey

Dr. Jill grew up in Lido Beach, NY and attended the University of Buffalo earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Dr. Jill began her career working on Wall Street. This career path was not fulfilling to her and after the stock market crash of 1987 she spent a lot of time reevaluating her life. A recurring theme for her was the personal benefits she had experienced through chiropractic care. Through chiropractic treatments, several medical and health issues she suffered due to scoliosis were permanently relieved. Not only did her back pain diminish as a result of chiropractic, she experienced many additional health benefits.

Dr. Jill is the proud mom to two teenage boys. Both of her pregnancies were very uncomfortable. As a result of her personal experience, Dr. Jill is keenly aware and skilled to help women in similar situations. Most medications cannot be taken during pregnancy; the natural and holistic approach of chiropractic is a wonderful solution to help women get through the experience more comfortably.

Dr. Jill’s Training and Philosophy

Dr. Jill has also completed extensive training in the care of geriatric and pregnant patients as well as weekend warriors. She has wide-ranging expertise working with everyday people who find themselves at a desk, behind a computer or on a phone or tablet for hours a day. This experience extends to helping those in a variety of trades and who are doing daily physical labor. She evaluates ways to improve their work environments, the way they work and how they sleep. Dr. Jill practices Sacral Occipital, Active Release Technique and Graston. She has taken extensive seminars on TMJ dysfunction, Biomechanical and Chiropractic Bio-Physics.

Dr. Jill loves coming to work every day. The rewards of helping those who want a better quality of life through chiropractic make every day fun and challenging. Everyone can gain from chiropractic and the benefits are far reaching. By getting adjusted patients can avoid surgeries and find natural ways to eliminate pain. We all have the innate ability to heal and be healthy. Chiropractic is essential to maximizing the body’s potential to perform and be its best!

Be Well • Live Well